Non-disclosure agreement

All assignments, documents, material and information (“the information”) that the undersigned receives from Lingo Access AS (“LA”) shall be treated in confidence and are subject to the present agreement. This includes names and details of LA’s clients and business connections. Information in the public domain and provision/reporting of statutory information are exempt.

Information sent by LA must under no circumstances be passed on, either verbally or in writing, to unauthorised persons, i.e. persons/enterprises outside LA. Neither must the information be used in a way that may be detrimental to LA or LA’s clients/business connections.

The undersigned undertakes to use the confidential information exclusively to carry out the agreed assignment and is aware that breaches of the non-disclosure agreement may result in criminal liability.

The undersigned is aware that the present agreement remains in force after the assignment/collaboration/employment relationship has been concluded.

More detail on processing of confidential information

Machine translation is not permitted in connection with assignments from LA.

Confidential information shall be stored and processed in a way that ensures compliance with the non-disclosure agreement. Among other things, this means that computers and other devices used to process confidential information must have password protection and be protected against cyberattacks. In addition, unauthorised persons must not have access to devices or file areas where confidential information is stored.

Documents (both source texts and translations) that contain confidential information and/or personal data shall, unsolicited and irrespective of file format, be deleted once the assignment has been completed and approved, and no later than within one year of the translation being delivered.